Wednesday, December 12, 2007


OurStage is a website for video bloggers and the people who watch the videos get to rate. OurStage is a place for artists and directors to put themselves out there. So really my main opinion is it is alot like Youtube and MySpace. So i personally like Youtube more than this website. But dont take my word for it. Go out there and try it yourself.

runescape pking

I think RUnescape messed up pvp because they have this new bounty hunter thing... You have to automatically skull and you lose everything. They even got ride of teleblock. They even ruined the duel arena! you can only stake as much as your opponent. Both of these updates have made alot of players quit. It has gotten so bad that even I have thought about it! No offense to Jagex but you RUINED RUNESCAPE!!!!!! Phew sorry about that... But basically everything they added this week absolutly killed me and my friends.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


FLAC means free loseless audio codec. FLAC's audio format is similar to an mp3 player but is compressed in itself without the loss of quality. You will get better compression than most of the competition because it is made simply for audio not any videos or anything like that. You can play back your FLAC anywhere like your car or home stereo just like you would with an mp3 player.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Microsoft HD Photos/Windows Media Photo Format

This is one of my hardest posts I've had to do... I was late on this blog because I had a hard time finding things on it... I just wanted to say that to my teacher... Ok now, I'm first going to start on Microsoft's hd photos. Finally you can see your pictures better than ever! I have been waiting for something like this for a loooooonnnngggg time. You can see clearly now and hopefully no more red eyes! You can plug this in to Adobe Photoshop. Now the windows format runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista and works with photoshop CS2. It might work on older versions of photoshop but don't get your hopes up.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

iTunes Plus

This is about a rather old blog of mine that i forgot to finsh... This is about iTunes plus. iTunes plus made a new update in October 2007 where all the prices of things have seemed to be cheaper. a whole album used to be $9.99. (99 cents a song). Now the price for a whole album is ,wow!, $3.00 and album!? which if u havnt gotten it yet is 30 cents a song! That us a huge drop for a song! What I have been noticing is that people have been yelling and getting angry about this saying that "they're messing with us" waaaaaaa.... Get over it you whinny people I personally think this was a great idea so they can get more people to buy they're stuff. I honestly think this is a comeback to Amazon's downloading store online. Like i said yesterday see you guys next week!

Memory Leak

A memory leak is when the computer doesnt release certain memory when its not needed anymore. It is normally a result of a bug that prevents it from clearing up memory space. Ive been looking up memory leaks and and im hearing most of it is from java i'm not sure if it is correct or not though. Once you find a memory leak it can be very hard to find the file that is causing it.

Three Grand

Today i am blogging about what i would spend with 3000 dollars (it has to be on technology.) The first thing would be my own laptop (an area-51 m9750 from It is really good for gaming and for memory... but could be better with mobility.It costs $1699. So I am left with $1401. Next thing I would buy is of course the ps3...:P. The price I found it is from was priced at $399.99. So I am now left with about $1000. Another cool thing that I found was an mp3 player called the MFM Pro. It is a pair of headphones with an MP3 player in them. This cost $169.95. So im gonna round it up and I am now left with $830. And by the way I found it at

Monday, October 29, 2007

Site Summaries

One of the websites I am going to tell you about is is a site where you can download alot of different images. Another is; it is a place to find out phone numbers, street numbers and alot of other numbers that help you find people. is a dictionary site... its called ninja words because it is extremely fast. is really just an encyclopedia that you can edit. is a website to help you with constelations. is a place where you can find all your old pals. is a website about extraordinary claims in science and other things. This so far is my favorite name from all the websites i have named yet... the name of this website is; which is a radio where you can find any of your favorite songs and/or types of music. My next website is this site is about sports... not like baseball and basketball though... it is about the x-games. is basically forums about science. is a news site but be careful while I went to it it lagged my computer. I went to which is self explanitory... it tells you about technology that is new thought... not really extreme. is just a web site for show and tell. I couldn't really find alot about this next website... I could really find is downloads. helps you out with searches like the top sercuity threats. Version tracker is a website for updates any new updates for computers will be on version tracker. is a big website with web disign tutorials. is a website that gives you tips to speed up your computer. is self explanitory, all you do is type in your website its competitors and key words and it will grade it. is a website that rates games and allows you to play games on the website. is the gamers website it reviews games, gives you cheats,can get vidios,podcasts and alot more. is a website that has reviews for games. is a game website for computer and game console games. is for computer games. Lifebetter is a site for games and for some... other stuff... I looked up and found news about pc games to console games.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Ok this week my subject is on DD-WRT. The first versions of DD-WRT were based on Alchemy Firmware from sviasoft inc. Now the firmware is maintained by Brainslayer. DD-WRT is for free but a different business model is being drafted. The new DD-WRT is a completly new project with many more features and is available for purchase. Here are some of the requirements to use this new DD-WRT. You will need the following: a computer, an internet connection, a linksys WRT54G/GL/GS router or other supported router, the DD-WRT firmware image from the DD-WRT Project follow these instructions to install the new firmware on your router.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Demux means, when speaking of video formats, so when you have both audio and video data and sometimes subtitles into seperate files. The good thing is that Demux does NOT lower visual or audio quality. The opposite of Demus is muxing which you use when you want to combine seperate streams.

Monday, October 8, 2007

OLPC Project

Hello fellow bloggers, im am writing this blog about the OLPC Project. This project is about a small computer made just for children. It only meets minimum requirements for windows. But the biggest thing that everyone liked about it was the it was only 100 dollars!!! Which is huge because its a notebook. It good for kids because it is mainly made for educational computer games. This is all I could really find... I'm very sorry for it being to short and not in order.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I have always had a problem with space on my mp3 player. ShrinkMyTunes is basically iTunes. The one big difference that I could find out was that it allows you to include two to four times more music to your ipod.The biggest problem is that it is forty dollars. But besides that small point it is perfect for anybody if you have an mp3 player. And trust me you will not be the only one with ShrinkMyTunes there are over 11 million people useing this!