Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nuke 'em

Hello I hav'nt done a blog for a while... so I decided to do one that has been bugging me. The reason it bugs me is because, noone knows the game!!! The game is called "Nuke 'em". I learned this game a few years ago at my summer camp. It's played on a volleyball court. The thing is you throw it and you catch the volley ball instead of keeping the flow going. If you drop the ball you are out. If the ball hits the ground with out anybody touching it the closest person is "Nuked" so they have to sit on the sidelines. The way to get your teammates back in is catching the ball with one hand. If you are the last person on your team and you catch the ball one handed, you bring back your whole team. This game is a blast and i really think people need to hear about this game alot more than people do.