Wednesday, December 12, 2007


OurStage is a website for video bloggers and the people who watch the videos get to rate. OurStage is a place for artists and directors to put themselves out there. So really my main opinion is it is alot like Youtube and MySpace. So i personally like Youtube more than this website. But dont take my word for it. Go out there and try it yourself.

runescape pking

I think RUnescape messed up pvp because they have this new bounty hunter thing... You have to automatically skull and you lose everything. They even got ride of teleblock. They even ruined the duel arena! you can only stake as much as your opponent. Both of these updates have made alot of players quit. It has gotten so bad that even I have thought about it! No offense to Jagex but you RUINED RUNESCAPE!!!!!! Phew sorry about that... But basically everything they added this week absolutly killed me and my friends.