Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nuke 'em

Hello I hav'nt done a blog for a while... so I decided to do one that has been bugging me. The reason it bugs me is because, noone knows the game!!! The game is called "Nuke 'em". I learned this game a few years ago at my summer camp. It's played on a volleyball court. The thing is you throw it and you catch the volley ball instead of keeping the flow going. If you drop the ball you are out. If the ball hits the ground with out anybody touching it the closest person is "Nuked" so they have to sit on the sidelines. The way to get your teammates back in is catching the ball with one hand. If you are the last person on your team and you catch the ball one handed, you bring back your whole team. This game is a blast and i really think people need to hear about this game alot more than people do.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Open Social

Open Social is a blog that defines a common API. A common API means that you have less to learn about building multiple websites. At the moment Open Social is being developed by quite a few people in the web community. It has a standard javascript and HTML the developers can access a social network's friends and update feeds.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Hey everyone! Yesterday I found a new website. It's called "Pidgin". Now Pidgin is a website that is a new instant messenger that I've seen. It is alot like "". It looks good but, I really don't think it is as popular. I would try it but, I would think you will need to get some of your friends to join.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey everyone this weeks new thing I have heard about is This seems like a few websites I know about. Some like, and recently from Jagex This is basically one of those websites where they have tons of different games and different genres of games. They have from multiplayer games to shooter games for those guys. They have puzzles even for people who like to the really hard. You can either have fun just playing or make a username and get points to try to beat the top of the score boards.,, right now I'm guessing it will only be for bragging rights but, I have not gone that far into it. If you want to sign up it is really simple all you need is a birthday (which I hope everyone has...) and an e-mail address. I think people should try this website out. Give it a chance and if you don't really like it, just go and do something else. If anything so far I have learned from my teacher is that you should explore the internet and find new things that you like. And... if you do... you can end up doing something like I'm doing right now!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remember the Milk

Today's topic is on a website called "". This website is basically a honey-do list. So this website is good for a wife but very bad for the husband. Husbands if you can i would suggest you black this website so your wife does not send you this. Really its a daily planner but I think it was made exclusively for wives to tell their husbands things with out getting an argument... Well thats all I got so see you next week!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Corel DVD Copy

From what I have seen from this it is finally a way not to get arrested by copying dvd's do not take my word for it. I am not positive that I am correct. It is about time now I can ask my friends and my family to get my a dvd copied. But if I'm not right about this I am sorry. You can move videos to your i-pod, i-phone, psp, zune, and mobile phones. But i personally would get more information before you try this because I really don't want to get someone arrested because they read this... So please After... or if you read this look it up to make sure that it is legal... Well I hard a hard time finding stuff so that is all i got...



Runescape is a mmorpg (massive mutli online roleplaying game). It is a game where you can meet thousands of people from all around the world. I have met people from Georgia to Lithuania! You meet alot of nice people and alot of... jerks... One of my favorite things is that you have a friends list and an ignore list. This is so if anybody gives you a hard time just put him on your ignore list. Another good thing is that there is a button so you can report people for breaking the rules. Some of the rules are offensive language, encouraging others to break the rules, asking people for personal details. The only problem that they have is there are sometimes twenty or thirty year olds pretending to be 14 and 15... So you really have to be careful about who you pick as a friend. I personally have a few friends who either have graduated college or left because they got homesick. I have met alot of good people on this game. They have been my friends really since i started. They are very good and very true friends. But besides the people there are more things to do. There are many things you can do. You can fight with melee, range, and magic. The only way you can use magic is have runes. Melee of course u need stuff like swords, halbreds and things like that. Then there is range...(one of my favorites). You can use shortbows or long bows, knives, darts and all things you can throw. Then you have to make money to buy these things. You can cut logs for money,its what I do, you can fish food like lobsters and swordfish and if you're really good you can fish sharks. Then you can mine things like coal, silver, copper, tin, gold, iron and smelt them into bars to sell. There is one skill that is called runecrafting, it speaks for itself you can make your own runes to save more or make money. Then you can do fun things like steal from stalls, chests, and pickpocket from people. Then you can use the logs that you cut to make bows and things like that. Then there is a skill called herblore, you use herblore to make potions to raise ur stats and things like that. You can also craft things like necklaces, amulets, rings, ranger armour. Then one of the most popular skills is slayer, slayer is where you kill monsters and get combat experience and also slayer experience. There is also a few skills that dont really help do things... like firemaking, construction and many more. There is a new popular skill that just came out that is called summoning. Summoning is a skill where you summon monsters and they help you kill monsters... the only thing is you have to be in a multi-combat zone. You can find these mutli-combat zones all around the game. One of the major parts of runescape is the story line that just about nobody knows,,, not even I do. But in this story line there are three gods. One god is called "Zamorak" Zamorak is the god of war who is always trying to force people to join him. Nother god is "Saradomin" Saradomin is a very peaceful god. You will find that he has more followers than any other gods because there are monks and priests in the game that like him. The last god is one of my favorites... his name is Guthix he is the god of balance. I have realized that he makes more sense in the storyline. There are many things that you can do.. one of the most popular things in all games is...pvp (player vs player). They now have something called bounty hunter. This is a very complicated minigame where you have a certaian target you can fight or you can pick anyone in the place. When you just attack anybody you are called a rougue. Rougues are the most popular way to fight. but the only problem is that when you just kill a random person is after that you have to wait 3 minutes after you pick everything up and if you get killed you lose all your things. When you kill your target you can just leave and keep everything. There is another mini-game that is called clan wars. Clan wars is where you just fight a different clan. You gain your clan by people joining your clan chat. You can make it so only your friends can join, you can also make it so you can let anyone join and also give your friends and your other clan members ranks. The highest rank is gerneral and the lowest is private. Now when you kill people in this you do not win anything... you only get bragging rights... which is good enough for me. There is only small detail that I havn't mentioned yet is that to get all of the benefits is you have to pay for a membership. Its less than W.O.W. (World of Warcraft). It is only 5 dollars a month which really isnt that bad. My favorite thing about the membership is that there is any adverts that lagg you. Lagg is when your computer freezes and your stuck in the same spot.I personally have a membership but my parents do not pay for it... my friend pays for it... i give him five dollars a month which really isnt that bad. When you do not have a membership you get maybe a quarter of the benefits. You can also make more than one file which do do alot... i have around atleast ten files. When you have more than one file your file that is your highest or makes the most money or that you spend the most time on is what is called your main. This game is made by Jagex ltd. and run by java-script. Now one of the worst parts about the game is the graphics. I personally think they are bad because the game is run by java. All in all I give the game a four out of five. And i think everyone should try it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Technology File System

Today's blog is about the "New Technology File System" that Microsoft has put out. This system offers a Wide Area Network (W.A.N). NTFS is the standard now for Windows NT and it works for their older systems like windows 2000, windows XP, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, and windows vista... jeez... thats alot of of systems! The System that it rivals (let me remind you I do not know if I'm right or not so again... dont get mad.) is FAT is is the preferred filing system for windows- branded operating systems. Now the NTFShas a few things over FAT... like the improved support of metadata and the use of more advanced data, reliability and disk space utilization. hmm... sounds pretty good to me! But anyways... I think this is pretty good but of course this is my oppinion and might be different from yours.

Well I'll be back next week... so until then bye!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Meta Tag

Meta Tag is basically a way for webmasters to indicate that Open Directory Project (ODP) titles and abstracts will not be used in search results for their pages. These Meta Tags from what I've seen (I might be wrong) they are made by google. Google does not use it to rank webpages/sites...but... Yahoo! does. Yahoo! still has a very respectable 30% of US traffic!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Digital to analog conversion

Ive looked at alot of websites about this and have seen mainly that it is a box for people who have those really ugly rabbit ear, rooftop antenna's for the televisions... which recently they have gotten rid of! Very soon the waves will stop sending to those V-shaped antennas. This has been set in motion because of congress. I personally think this is a great idea... but again this is just my oppinion. So the old antenna's will finally be gone (they have been around since the 1950's!). So farewell to those ancient antenna's and see ya nest week!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hello fellow bloggers I'm back with a new subject. My subject this week is called uTipu. This is a fairly new service that you can record and share videos with. It uses a thing called "TipCam" that uses Windows XP and Vista. From what I've looked up you can get a good five minutes. In those five minutes you can tell every one about a website or how to use something om the website. So this is good if you want to explain visually for those people who can only learn visually. Many people have a hard time to understand all the concepts and steps when you are teaching someone. People say this is a good way to fix that. Here are the steps for this website. 1) Download uTipu software, 2) record five minute video, and 3) Share documents with others. Easy as can be! I would like to thank Steve Linnins daily tech blog it really helped me get through this :) cya guys next week!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

logitech overview of products

Logitech is mainly from what i saw all about technology from computer parts to video games. You can find stuff like high-tech mouses to mouses for your notebooks. I saw video game systems like the Wii, PS3, PS2, Xbox360, PSP's and even computer gaming. This website is perfect for everyone from workers to techno geeks. The one thing that might concern some people is prices. While I was looking through it I saw alot of high prices for keyboards and mouses and things like that. So all in all i think its a good website I know I would browse through it every once in a while. So untill next time see you later!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hitachi is a company that has to do with hardware. Stuff from air conditioning to to zinc elecrtoplating. and ALOT! more in between. If you want to you can look up their website. The website is: It's a good website... that is if you like hardware and all of that stuff. Hitachi has a global website and a North America website. The website I gave you has given you access to the global website.