Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Professional Wrestling Fans

If you are a professional wrestling fan (WWE, TNA, WSX, or any others) you probably get many people picking on you about it. You probably hear "Wrestling is gay, its just men in tights." Or "Why do you watch that fake garbage?" Well, I get that all the time, what is funny to me is some of the points you use to counter this. When a person says that wrestling is just men in tights, think of all the other sports that are just men in tights. Examples are: most Olympic sports, football, UFC, and others. The reaction I get every single time I point that out is, "Well that is different." Which it really is not... If somebody asks you why you watch fake fighting, ask them why they watch television. Obviously most television is fake, fictional characters, plots, fighting scenes, weapons, and people. Or you can use the case that it is impossible for it all to be fake, which is also a true statement. I use the example of one of the craziest World Wrestling Entertainment matches of all time. The Undertaker versus Mankind in a Hell in a Cell match. After the match is called off, Mankind was trying to get away from The Undertaker and climbs to the top of the twenty foot high steel cell. The Undertake, then, grabs Mankind and throws him off of the cell! A twenty foot fall onto five inch think padding. When I have used this statement, I have never gotten any type of rebuttal what so ever.

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