Thursday, April 15, 2010

RuneScape PvP intro and Free to Play pking Guide

Now that I have talked about RuneScape, it is time to get into the most fun thing to do in the game, player versus player (pvp) or playing killing (pking). Before you try this, I must warn you, it does take some skill, not as much as it used to, but it still takes skill. Also be warned that there are people who will kill you with your best items on just so you can lose them. Yes there are sick, sadistic people who play this game. Once you start gaining money on RuneScape, and get bored of skilling, and have decent melee stats (attack, strength, and defense), you can try your luck player killing. This is where an extremely large part of the community spends time doing. You can actually get a rush off of this. You need to have money to buy many things. If you are a non-member, or free to play (f2p), you will need to buy things like weapons, food, potions, armors and or robes. For weapons, I would suggest purchasing a rune scimitar and either a rune battle-axe or a rune two-handed sword. The rune scimitar has and very good combination of both speed and power, use this to start a fight. A rune battle-axe is a weapon that is slower, but is more powerful, which makes this a good weapon to switch to when your opponent is almost dead. The rune two-handed sword is another good weapon to use to finish off your opponent, it is slower than the rune battle-axe but hits slightly higher. If you have a lot of money, I mean millions of extra gold coins, you could purchase a corrupt weapon. These are weapons that degrade and crumble to dust while wielding them; these weapons give you thirty minutes of wielding time to use them. The corrupt weapons are extremely powerful and should be used as a finishing weapon to save its time and your money. When you are at a fairly high combat level, which would be around level ninety and above, you should use food called swordfish and, if you know how to use these, anchovy pizza's. Food heals your life points and will help you defeat your enemies. Swordfish heal one-hundred forty life points, and are the highest healing one-bite food you can buy in free to play. The reason why I said you should only bring anchovy pizza's if you know how to use them is because there is a glitch with the pizza's. If you are very fast, you can click on a swordfish and then, within a second or two, click on a piece of anchovy pizza, you will be healed the one-hundred forty life points plus the additional sixty life points from the third of the anchovy pizza. The next thing you need to buy are potions. For non-members, there is only one type of potion you can use, a strength potion. This raises your strength level above your strength so you will be able to hit higher. Next on the list is armor, you can wear stronger armor when you raise defense. If you are going to attempt player killing, and worried about dying, I would suggest wearing the highest free to play armor you can wear and afford. The highest level free to play armor is rune, which you can wear at forty defense. This is a couple hundred thousand gold coins, which is not too much if you are worried about safety. An additional items you can wear to raise your defense bonuses are: amulets, gloves, boots, and capes. If you would like to have higher defense bonuses and do not care about getting higher attack bonuses you should purchase an amulet of defense. This provides plus ten to all of your defense bonuses and will help you survive longer. If you would like a mix of extra attack and defense bonuses, you would want to buy an amulet of power, this amulet gives you plus six to your attack and defense bonuses. If you are more aggressive and want to just have an amulet that helps you hit higher, you will want to buy an amulet of strength. These have been going up in price and will be very difficult to buy at times since the demand for them is so high. For the glove spot, you will want to either wear leather gloves, or if you have a forty ranged or higher, you can use green dragon hide vambraces. These are strongly recommended since they are cheap and give you very good defense bonuses. In the boots section, there are really only two types of boots for non-members. There are leather boots and fighter boots or colorful boots. Fighter boots and colorful boots are the exact same thing, they are just different colors and you pick them from a mini-game like thing. Leather boots are the recommended boots just because if you die with the fighter or colorful boots, you will lose them and have to change worlds to get them back. There are certain worlds designated only for certain things. When it comes to bounty worlds, you can only be right next to the wilderness, which is the only dangerous area in bounty worlds, or in the two banks that are provided for you. Now when it comes to the capes, there are a few options, but the only type I will talk about are team capes. When your number on your team cape is different from your opponents cape, you are able to attack him or her easier. When somebody is a higher level than you, you have to right click over them with your mouse to click on them, but if you have a team cape on, you can left click on even the highest leveled players! This concludes the player versus player intro, and free to play player killing tips. (Again, if you have any questions, message me while I am on the game, and tell me if you read the blog, so I wont feel awkward if I do not know who you are haha. Find the game at and add me, Necrolord50

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