Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Runescape for Dummies part 1

This blog is about an online game called RuneScape. If you are not familiar with this game, it is a massively multi online role playing game (MMORPG). That means thousands upon thousands of people play this game. RuneScape is a planet that takes place in, what we would call, the medieval times. Although it would be taking place in the medieval times, people use science fiction type things like teleportation, magic, slaying dragons, and much more. In this game there are three main gods. Zamorak, the evil God who starts war throughout the land of Runescape. Saradomin, the peaceful God who blesses all who worship and fight in his name. The last God is Guthix, the God of balance, Guthix keeps balances the power and order between Saradomin and Zamorak. Guthix is more like my God, just, loving, and peaceful. Once you start this game, you will have chances to take on dangerous quests, safer quests, easy quests, or just go killing things. While you play, you have skills that you can train if you please, or just ignore the ones you do not enjoy. There are many skills to train including: attack, strength, defense, ranged, magic, prayer, constitution, rune crafting, fishing, cooking, woodcutting, fire making, fletching, and many more. While doing these skills, you will obtain items that you can trade for money. Money, of course, lets you buy things that you need, want, or just buy for the heck of buying. It would take me hours to go into detail of all of the skills, so I will just cover some of the basic skills. You start out with lever one in all stats except constitution (which is like hit points), where you start out at level ten. The basic money making skill is woodcutting. You start out cutting normal trees down until you get a level of fifteen woodcutting, by then you chop down oak trees. Once you chop down oak trees enough, you get to level thirty where you cut down willow trees. You cut these down until sixty woodcutting, and then you cut yews. There are many other types of trees, but These are the basic trees. If you are curious about the game Runescape, you can check out the website, copy and paste it in the url: If you do read this and join the game, add me on RuneScape for questions. My RuneScape name is Necrolord50.

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