Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Music is Unfathomable

Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world. For example, have you ever noticed how much music impacts a person? When you listen to songs that you loathe, you get aggravated, when you listen to songs you love, it can help you focus. When you are feeling depressed, music can cheer you up or make you feel worse. If you have lost someone close to you or have just gone through a messy break-up, there is music that can help you get through it. They is also music that is just about the things you are going through. I remember a few months before I wrote this, my friend invited me to go bowling with his mom, his mom's boyfriend, and himself. I tagged along, and for the two full games that we played, I bowled worse than I have bowled in my entire life. On the last frame of the last game, I turned on my iTouch and listened to a song from my favorite band, Anberlin. The first two balls I rolled down the lane, smashed all of the pins down for two strikes. The last throw I knocked down nine. It can not be just a coincidence that I start bowling unbelievably, the moment I start listening to one of my favorite songs from my favorite band. It is hard to fathom that music, that is always around us, is able to help humans like that. Just think about it.

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